Mrs. Brownell


“In a classroom students should not only know what they are doing but they should also know why and how” – Harry Wong


As the AIS teacher, I work with students both in and outside of the classroom.  I focus on helping the students improve their math and reading skills.  There are many things a parent can do to help their child improve their math and reading skills.  Below are some suggestions. 

1.  Listen to your child read.  As they are reading, ask them questions about what is happening in the story.

2.  Encourage them to write.  They can journal or write a story.  Anything that encourages them to get their thoughts and ideas written down on paper.

3.  have your child practice their math facts.  Students in 1st and 2nd grade can practice their addition and subtraction facts.  Students in 3rd grade and higher should practice their multiplication and division facts.  It is very important that the students be fact fluent so that they can apply these skills to problems that require higher order thinking.

4.  Ask your child what they did in school and discuss what they are learning. 


Below are some websites that will help your child practice various math and reading skills.